Do you Care for your Clothes?

How often do we question what our parents have told us? The things we are taught, as we grow up, by our parents, and even our grandparents are kind of taken as being gospel. We watch, and learn, and act these things out. Our grandparents teach us how to bake, and we remember things like… Read more »

Why Should You Shop Local?

Let me start off straight away and admit that I’m a shop owner in our local town called Banbury, so yes I would say #shoplocal wouldn’t I? But this is not for selfish/personal reasons. I firmly believe in the high street and this is why I think you guys, as the general public, should give… Read more »

Gettin’ Steamy for Valentines

Hi Buywisers I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week. We’re ready for Valentine’s Day in store with a fantastic window display with glittery hearts and lots of red appliances. This week I thought I would team up some product information with a few recipes. I decided to start with Steam ovens as they are… Read more »

After All This Time…..

Hello Buywisers, It’s been such a long time!! Forgive me. With the madness of Christmas it’s been a little difficult for me to find the time to write these blog posts, but now I am back. This week I wanted to cover a couple of our brands NordMende and DeDietrich.   NordMende started out as… Read more »